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Wild boar hunting is one of the fastest growing and one of our most popular sports. We can take  1-10 people at a time, but larger groups can be accommodated. You will hunt some of the most beautiful property in this country!

To ensure safety, all South Carolina hog hunts are conducted from elevated stands in the morning and the evening. There are 2 sittings per day and you are allowed 1 hog per day. The season for hogs is year round.

We don't do any stalking or dog hunts for hogs as this only leads to more pressure and less hogs seen on stands. We only do stand hunts and have a much greater success rate as our hogs are not pressured as others are!

Hogs usually range in weight from 50 lbs on up to 550 lbs.
We will skin and quarter your game at no additional charge.

We have over 500 acres of swamp lowland thickets and hellholes for your hunting experiences. Some stands are located along sandy roads watching trail crossings, along creeks, rivers, thickets and just plain nasty areas that hogs love to inhabit. Some areas are so remote that you may see hogs at almost any time. We also have electronic feeders that throw corn twice a day for more consistent controlled hunting. All areas are baited to ensure that you will have a greater chance to see animals and to get a shot. But being free range hunting you cannot be guaranteed a hog. But you never know what you will see. Deer, bear, coyotes, fox, bobcats, beavers and some things you won't know what the hell it is. We will let you name it! So come have a Reel Adventure with us! Book your boar hunts today.
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Hog Hunting Adventure: $200.00 per day per person 
 (limit one hog per day)
Additional hogs may be taken at $100.00 each
No fences, free range and plenty of wildlife!
$50.00 non refundable deposit per person